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On Point: One Team's Journey from Miner Girls to Cheetahs

After chasing down a loose ball just outside the three point line, Molly stood motionless, slightly arced at the waist, her head up, her knees bent.  Surveying.  Move the defense.  She dribbled to her right pushing her teammate to the corner.  Molly sensed the opening before it became visible, before the opponent realized its weakness and could close the gap.  Switching the dribble from her right hand to her left, she dipped her right shoulder hard into thee seam, exploding past two perimeter defenders and into the lane.  now she had options.  She had given herself and her team a chance.  A retired coach in the stands tensed.  Complete the play, young lady




Morgan Summitt focused all his attention on #14, Molly Rascon.  He watched her eyes: wide, alert, and searching, much like a feral African cat stlking her prey.  The Oro Hills sophomore point guard, a five-foot-three-inch package of passion and tenacity, moved with purpose, as if seeing the plays before they occurred, finding space where none existed.  Blessed with quickness and agility, Molly controlled the opponent, and now, Morgan sensed, she would deterrmine the outcome of the game.  Academy Prep also sensed this turn, felt the momentum shifted, and altered its defense to keep the basketball out of her hands, to limit her touches.